Sohum Mehta – About Me

Sohum Mehta – About Me

Sohum Mehta is a corporate and consumer bank analyst who also has experience as a corporate accountant.   Prior to beginning his business career, Mehta studied at Bentley University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from the school in 2010.  Mehta then continued studying at Bentley, earning his MBA from the school in 2012.

After completing his studies at Bentley University, Sohum Mehta attended Harvard’s extension school, earning a Masters of Liberal Arts, Finance degree from the school.

In the beginning of his career, Sohum worked at Taco Bell as an Accounting Clerk, a position that had Sohum responsible for creating weekly financial summaries providing a breakdown of cost, labour, revenue and expenses.  He was also in charge of tracking and reporting the business’ revenues to the chief accountant and other members of senior level management.

Sohum has also spent time working as a Consumer & Corporate Wholesale Banking Analyst for Standard Chartered Bank, an international financial institution with a large presence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

While working at Standard Chartered, Sohum regularly performed risk assessments and analysis on proposed corporate loans, screened cash flow statements and balance sheets. He was responsible for issuing mezzanine financing products for numerous companies with an annual turnover of at least $10 million.

Outside of his career, Sohum enjoys a range of activities including golfing, swimming boating and tennis.